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Pro-level compression gear for cyclists

compression tights,compression gear

Our high-grade, targeted Spandex material helps stabilize muscle groups in the legs, reducing energy-depleting vibrations to boost exercise efficiency, improve cycling form, and lessen cramping.

Charges cycling-specific muscles with fresh energy.

Discover the benefits of cycling-specific compression gear. Imagine being able to ride longer, harder, faster than ever before—all with shorter recovery times so you can get back in the saddle in no time.

When we exercise, our heart is the engine—the core of our circulation. But, some of our muscle groups (such as thighs and calfs) are far away from the heart, resulting in diminished venous return. Compression tights promote progressive pressure in the legs, acting as a pump to push blood from the ankle back to the heart, increasing blood flow and circulation. This increased flow helps us deal with the buildup of lactic acid and metabolites, recharging the vital quad and calf areas with a fresh supply of oxygen and energy.

compression tights,compression gear
compression tights,compression gear
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