• Unparalleled comfort and breathability

  • Pulls moisture away from the body, keeps it cool and dry

  • Warp knitting is lightweight and soft against the skin

  • Diverse patterens and compression fit styles

  • Zoned thermal fabric where you need it most 


compression tights,compression gear
compression tights,compression gear

Targeted compression ensures precise integration into specific muscle zones, to maximize longer lasting effort during workouts.   

compression tights,compression gear
  • Warp-knitted & Seamless

  • Flex Zone

  • Aircomplex System

Our seamless, targeted compression ensures that unique fabric properties are intergrated into their specific body-positioning areas, corresponding to the zoned muscle groups which require them most. This can maximize longer lasting effort during workouts. 

Our seamless compression wear has to be experienced to believed. Multiple targeted panels are assembled to provide a blend of pure comfort and performance. 

Warp knitting (vertical loop)
compression tights,compression gear
Weft knitting (horizontal loop)

Hamstrings is being used when knee bending. This weave structure is designed to avoid muscle injured.


compression tights,compression gear